Marjan Nedaja Project, Zone C, Chitgar Town

Project description

Undoubtedly, Marjan Tower will be one of the most luxurious and luxurious towers in District 22. With a height of 42 floors, it is the tallest tower in the region and with its unique facilities and special location, it has made it possible for buyers to choose the best option. An option that has all the features and benefits. It has a type and area according to all tastes and has at least 2 north and south units of all sizes in one floor. Marjan Tower is a mirror of the modern future of Tehran’s 22nd district. Considering the low-interest loans taken by the cooperative that has been finalized, it should be said that the Marjan project is no longer an option that can be easily abandoned and should be seriously considered for investment or housing.

Project details

Client: Ndaja

Date: 8 Azar 1385

Position: West of Pearl Town

Manufacturer: IVACO Company

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گروه صنعتی نوین کوره

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واتساپ :  ۰۹۱۲۳۰۰۱۴۶۷

اینستاگرام:  novin_kooreh


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